Veronica Thai


"To be a source of inspiration for perpetual growth,          change and success in aspiring individuals" 


These words have sat deep within me for over a decade...

It started as a mission statement that me and a good friend came up with as bright, ambitious grasshoppers; newly graduated with our university degrees and trying to make our mark in the world by creating what we loved. 

Our vision of a world class marketing firm didn’t come to fruition (we realized that we required a bit more credibility than our schooling for companies to seek our opinions) but the mission lived on for me. 

Undoubtedly, unwaveringly, set deep in my heart.  Even through the tumultuous times when I didn’t know what I really wanted, it remained, gently kindling, waiting for me. 

Eventually I fully embraced them as the words of my heart and recognized it as my dharma. 

Despite my need for tangibility, it was hard not accept it as a message from my soul, especially when each word still lingered with such deep authenticity and conviction even though they haven’t been changed in over ten years. 

And that’s what it’s really about, finding our truth and living it.  Fully. Unapologetically. 

When you allow yourself to be everything that you are, happiness, joy, and peace will ensue.

My path has encountered its fair share of ebbing, stagnating and much unnecessary upstream paddling; but as I learned to listen to my inner world, it started to flow. I began to open up to me - what I knew deep down despite the “shoulds”.

Today, I’m honored to be able to show up for you as a life coach, yoga teacher, Desire Map facilitator and podcaster to share everything that I’ve learned about the intricate layers of this human experience and how to attain the happiness that we all desire.

I endeavor to spark a transformation within you to become the fullest version of yourself. I know that when that happens, what you have to offer will come pouring out and this world will become a much brighter place.

With love,

Veronica Thai

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