Episode 2: A Healing Journey with Alison DuRussel

Alison DuRussel is one of the most grounded people that I know.  She’s incredible at holding space for others and making them feel comforted and cared for.  Knowing this, it won’t be much of a surprise when I tell you that she is well versed in the healing arts – massage therapist, yoga teacher, and reiki master are a few examples of the different healing hats she’s worn along the way.  But her journey towards healing actually started off in the academic world.  Her first job was a pharm tech, working only in the realm of western medicine.  It was through that role that made her realize the tragic reality of how dependent on drugs we can become.  She sought out a gentler way of healing, hopefully one without adverse side effects and so began her journey.  In our conversation, we follow her through the different modalities of healing, making pit stops to learn about each one.  Near the end, Alison treats us to a couple minutes of music with her crystal singing bowls so that we can experience the power of sound healing.