Episode 81: Why You Should Do Kundalini Yoga with Victoria Amore

There are many tools and practices out there that help us understand ourselves through our mind and bodies, but not very many that can help us understand ourselves through our subtle energy body. This is where Kundalini Yoga comes in! This practice is all about aligning your energy body so that you can flow as a whole being. When you get to know yourself through your energy, you increase your capability to process emotions. You also have one more access point to understand where you may be depleted or blocked. Personally, I’ve never felt a shift so strongly

as I did when I (accidentally) took a Kundalini class at the Bali Festival. I’d never felt strongly emotional during a yoga class before but at that moment when we let the vibration of our collective mantra chanting sink in, I couldn’t help but let a tear roll down my cheek because that feeling of “oneness” was so strong. That’s when I started to get curious about Kundalini…

In this episode, we get to learn from Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher + Gong Sound Healer, Victoria Amore. Her passion is bringing the ancient technology and wisdom into our modern lives.. Obsessed with the Moon and the power of being a woman, Victoria’s deeply spiritual lifestyle has placed her in the presence, teaching and learning alongside some of the worlds renown spiritual teachers from many linages in India, LA, Peru and across Europe- all of which is intuitively woven into her teachings. 

Victoria had a similar bumpy experience with Kundalini in that she went into her first class expecting one thing but walked out with a completely different outcome. It was a good thing because it’s what’s led her to share this practice with so many people today! In specific, Victoria talks to us about the Kundalini energies which also includes the chakras. We learn about the benefits of this practice on an energetic & practical level.

Okay, plug in those earbuds! You may just get inspired to try something new ;)


For more about Kundalini Yoga, listen to Episode 67: "Weird" Practices in Kundalini Yoga Explained with Sat Shakti Kaur

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