Episode 83: THE HUSTLE SERIES - Creating A Movement For World Peace with Lyndsay Morris

Can you believe it, we’re already into the last two weeks of August! I’m not ready for the summer fun to be over but at the same time I’m excited for the Fresh Start vibes that are upon us.

September is like a second new year where we get to establish new routines, refresh goals and create new dreams. Taking full advantage of this new energy, fresh start vibe, I’ve created a special series for you! In this The Hustle series, I’m releasing one story each week from now until September. These are stories of amazing individuals who took the courage and leaped for their heart calling.  As a result, they're now making riveting impact on positive change around the world.  

They tell us about what it really took to make their vision a success - triumphs, trials and everything in between. They share candidly about how they figured out their heart calling was in the first place and what they leaned on to get this far. We especially dive deep and get real about the challenges they’ve faced. Oftentimes, we hear success stories about how there was a challenge and then ta-da! they made it….but what happened in the middle? It’s the sticky part that’s the thick of it and where we can use the most support when going for these endeavors.

The times when things seem hopeless and we’re about to throw in the towel. Maybe you run out of money and you literally can’t pay the bills. How do you know if you should keep trying? How do you manage when you wake up feeling like everything is a complete wash?

I’m so grateful to these individuals who graciously share the sticky parts of their journey with us. We learn so much from hearing about their passion, will and deep sense of resolve to follow their heart calling. Of course, we celebrate their triumphs with them cheer them on as they keep on going!

For you, I hope that these stories can be your anchor and inspiration as you daringly go for your dreams!

Lyndsay Morris kicks off the first of this series

Lyndsay founder of Generation Wellness, creator of The Mindful Student Online Platform and the host of the Wellness Warrior Show. She’s committed to whole child education and teaching peace around the world through mindfulness practices, cutting-edge social/emotional techniques and fun, interactive activities.

She started off as a 4th grade teacher, then school counselor and eventually realized that the school system was missing a huge part of wellness for children. The system builds academics and achievements but doesn’t teach anything by way of how to be happy or how to find intrinsic motivation. Lyndsay saw a need to include the mental and emotional well-being as a child. She’s created a whole movement of wellness practices for school to help children find peace! The goal of Generation Wellness is to be in every single school in North America by 2023!

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