Episode 92: You Develop Self-Worth By Choosing That You're Worthy with Lina Carvajal


Lina Carvajal is an engineer turned banker turned Art Therapist, Life Coach and Counsellor. She’s gone from being stuck (more than once) in a life that looked great on the outside but felt completely misaligned on the inside. This is a story of how she found her way out of the ruts and into a life that she loves.

Lina also shares the valuable wisdom that she gathered about self-worth and self-love - the two things that were most impactful in her transformation.

Listen in for golden nuggets on how to get over “not good enough” and “not worthy” and into a place of total enough-ness and worthiness.

In Lina’s potent words:

“You Choose If You’re Worth Or Not”

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