Episode 19: Story of Trust, Surrender & Worthiness with Lisa Hillyer

Meet Lisa Hillyer, yoga teacher, life coach and world traveller.  She works with dedicated motive to guide people back to themselves and reconnect to the person that’s always been within.  She lives her life joyously and with deep purpose.  As you would’ve guessed, it took some stumbling to get here.  Also a lot of hard work.  A lot.  There was that time when she moved to Australia and all her dreams came true but she found herself feeling miserable.  She had to do some digging on the inside to figure out what that was all about.  Then there was that time that she went to India and the culture shock kept her in a flurry of confusion and blocked senses.  She was left with little choice but to learn the lesson of surrender and trust.  When you look at the big picture, it was actually the stumbling that helped her find her way; and that’s the story that she’s here to tell.  In this episode, Lisa shares with us how she went from miserably numbing herself to living a life adorned with love, travel and worthiness.