My Yoga Journey

Without yoga, I don’t think I would have made the realizations that I have.   Similar to many others, yoga found me and provided healing that I didn’t even know to ask for.  The universe, in the mystical way that it works, set up a chain of events to bring me where I am now.  I went to my first yoga class in university as I was enticed by the “good sweat” (hot yoga) and student discount.  To be honest, I wasn't fully committed right off the bat.  I used to operate like a lightening bolt, ricocheting from one idea to the next, barely able to keep still.  Yoga followed me in a similar pattern, each on/off bout was kind of like dipping a big toe in a pool of water…

In 2015 I took the plunge and did my 200 hr yoga teacher training.  Once I committed, everything seemed to unfold so easily.  For one, I already knew where I wanted to take the training.  I discovered the studio through one of the teachers who also happened to teach during lunch hours at my office.  I started looking into the training when I was financially ready, which was perfect timing as my studio of choice was just launching its first ever yoga teacher training.  Not only that, they were going to do it over eight months rather than the standard one month.  This was ideal for me since I worked a full time job at an office.  I signed up and the rest was even more effortless.

Yoga teacher training was like coming home.  There wasn’t a single concept that surprised me.  In fact, everything that I learned I always kind of thought, I just didn’t know it was already a concept.  That’s when I realized that yoga was miles deeper than the physical poses.  It encompasses acceptance, mindfulness, compassion and above all else, peace within self. 

Our external environment can get so loud “the report deadline is tomorrow” “laundry hasn’t been done in two weeks” and so can our internal environment “why did I say that? I wish I didn’t say that” “If only I was good enough to…”. 

We rarely make time for introspection,looking deep inside ourselves and listening.  The core of you is where intuition and peace reside; a still ocean with your north star shining brightly.  A decision made through intuition is the right one, but how can you hear it when we constantly live in the noise.  That’s where yoga comes in.  The word Yoga is a sanskrit word that literally means “to yolk” – to sit and be aware.  I wonder that without this piece of knowledge, would I have heeded to my heart’s calling and recognize my dharma?

I’m continuing to learn, grow and remind myself to stay curious.  As I learn my lessons and apply the concepts of yoga, I am much calmer and have more clarity.  I sail towards my north star, accepting the waves as they come.  Your journey will be different from mine as it is uniquely yours, but we will meet each other at the same destination – peace and happiness.