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Episode 76: How To Use Your Feelings To Guide You Into Alignment with AnneMarie McKenzie

Sometimes we’re lucky and we come across a new tool, concept or a change in perspective that changes our lives for the better. Maybe it’s the best travel pillow you’ve ever found (and will never ever travel without with again) or the concept of simplifying your life (#minimalism). Either way, it helps you live with more ease and you’re quality of life is much higher with it. Sometimes, we come across something even bigger than that - it answers something profound + deep within you. Like say some of life’s big questions like “What do I really want in life?”.

That’s what happened for me when my perspective of emotions and feelings was totally shifted. I was reading a book called The Desire Map and in it the author, Danielle LaPorte, proposed that we should allow our feelings to navigate our lives rather than our thinking. Saaaayyyy whhaaaaatt? Radical. My logical, thinking, Type A mind was quick to put its guard up.

“What is this craziness of feelings first? I thought we’ve been working hard to control these feelings so that it doesn’t interfere with our life. To keep it at bay, not let it rule the world.”

That was my lizard brain. My innermost self, however, loved it. The idea felt freeing - like as if I could finally just be me. You see, I had a lot of feelings but didn’t really know what to do with them. They were all scrambled and I felt ashamed to have so many to be honest. But now you’re telling me that they’re the answer to my life? JACKPOT!

In today’s episode, I chat with AnneMarie McKenzie, Master Desire Map Facilitator, about the concept around using our feelings and emotions to find alignment in our lives. Exactly how can we use this as our inner compass? Even if we know how we truly want to feel most of the time (Core Desired Feelngs) what tools/strategies can we implement to make sure that we engage them? Big picture - how can feeling what we desire to feel most of the time lead us to an aligned life?

Okie dokie, plug in those earbuds - this one is full of wisdom nuggets!

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Key Nugget Discussed:

“Would you rather be right or be happy?” - Danielle LaPorte

How feelings & emotions guide our lives:

  • Feelings are the language of our soul, of the universe – embrace them.  Use them as a guidance system for your life. Use them for the choices you make

  •  Is there a difference between feelings and emotions?

  • All feelings are good - happiness, playfulness, anger, sadness….all of it. They all carry messages for you to learn from

  • Example of what anger means to you

Core Desired Feelings as your inner guide:

  • Live from your heart & soul because that’s who you really are. Anything but is just a facade.

  • Core Desired Feelings are the feelings that we want to feel most of the time - they are the expression of your innermost self. Our home base.

    • They are different for everyone

    • You can find your Core Desired Feelings through The Desire Map

  • Use Core Desired Feelings as a tool just as how you would use your yoga practice. Just as you would return to the mat again and again, come back to your Core Desire Feelings daily. It’s a powerful tool to help you through the throes of life. It’s how AnnMarie got through one of the most important parts of her life

  • Use your Core Desired Feelings to guide you by asking:

    • Does this person make you feel the way that you want to feel

    • Does this situation make you feel the way that you want to feel

    • Guide relationships – does it feel the way that you want to feel

    • If it’s not a “hell yes” it’s a “no”

  • Tools  for homing into desired feelings: “I AM” , gratitude , crystals, essential oils, mudras. These can be coupled with other tools that you’ve already collected along the way.  

 One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

“Gratitude is the most powerful tool we have free access to that can shift our perspective and mindset on a cellular level to come back to our soul.”

What is one nugget of wisdom that you would share with fellow seekers who are on this journey of growth and transformation?

“Our feelings are our most untapped, valuable resource. They are the language of the Soul and the language of the Universe. To manifest a handcrafted life we love, we must build a relationship with our feelings. In doing so, this is strength training for our intuition, spiritual fitness, and our feelings end up becoming the compass for our Soul. THAT is when we truly become the creator of our own life.”


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Episode 75: Magic Ingredients to Make Manifesting Work For You with Janice Berkenheger

This episode is an exciting one because we get to talk about MANIFESTING! Using the power of your own energy to intentionally create what you want in life. You’ve probably heard of the idea that your thoughts create your reality. Maybe you were around in 2008-ish when the book The Secret came out and this Law of Attraction stuff exploded.

That’s when I was first introduced to manifesting. — my boss at the time was ecstatic about The Secret and LOA. Her enthusiasm was contagious and naturally, the book started getting circulated among all 40 staff members.

I liked the book because it fortified my growing belief that there are forces operating beyond what we can currently see. That there’s a universe out there orchestrating rhyme and rhythm in this world…that we’re all here on purpose. I was intrigued by the idea that we can work with this force to manifest our desires into reality. But I was super skeptical of the formula that was provided “ask for it, believe it and then * poof* it’s yours”.

“If it were that easy,” I thought, “then why doesn’t everyone already have what they want?” I had many more follow up questions. I wish I knew somebody like Janice Berkenheger back then because she would’ve been able to pacify my leery suspicion of this whole Law of Attraction/Manifestation thing. Janice helps women discover how to consistently manifest what they want so that they can bring their dreams into reality. She’s spent the last 8 years or so studying and using this practice.

I’m so grateful for our wonderful conversation! The instructions for manifesting are simple - ask for it, believe it’s yours, then it will come to life, but there’s more to that. We talked a bit about what manifestation is and then went right into depth about how to use it, what’s wrong if it’s not working, and the magic ingredients to make it successful. My favorite part is when we dived into the parking lot example. Oh, that parking lot example! ….I hate it haha. This example has come up in so many books that I’ve read, even ones that aren’t about manifesting. It’s supposed to be an easy way to practice manifestation/trust/surrender/faith in the universe but I’m riddled with anxiety everytime I try. In our conversation, Janice tells me what I’m doing wrong.

Alrighty, plug in those headphones this one’s a good one!

Don’t forget to click “read more” for the amazing resources that Janice gives us including a free ebook and a list of universal laws.

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Key Nuggets:

What’s Your Philosophy to Loving the life you love?

You’re supposed to be living a life you love. Living the life you love will take you to the growth that you were meant to experience and for you to live on purpose and do all the things that you’re here to do.

What is Manifestation?

We are powerful beings creating our reality via our thoughts.  Look around your life and you’ll realize that your reality is a reflection of how you normally think, based on thoughts and beliefs. In a nutshell, manifestation is bringing what you desire into life by aligning your thoughts, beliefs and actions. 

We’ve come here with everything that we need on this journey!  We all have the power within us to do this.

What’s up with the parking example?

I’ve read about the parking lot example so many times…..but it’s so hard because I get so anxious.  Janice helps me see what fears have been blocking me.

For success, you first need to feel as if it’s [the parking space] is already here. Then detach from the idea that you have to have it. Janice personally comes up with a criteria for her parking space – thinking about it that and trusting that everything is in perfect timing for what’s happening. 

Most people fall down with manifesting  when they don’t receive in their order in the time frame that they expected. You basically give up when you stop believing it or when you come up with a contingency plan or try to just make it yourself. And yet it’s at this point, right before giving up, that what you want is just within reach.

People give up right before they’re about to get it

Trust in divine timing

So is creating a contingency plan bad?

No it’s not bad but you need to know how to create  contingency plan that doesn’t conflict with your desires.  Ex. The feeling of it – feel and see what I want to feel and see

The universe will give you this or something better

Disclaimer to Law of Attraction:

Let’s say we’re trying to manifest abundance. Should you really spend the money before you have it? Neither yes or no. Its all about energetic vibe.  If you can truly believe, without stress or fear, that you will certainly receive the abundance you ask for then that makes sense. Thing is, most people will feel fear or anxiety when they make a purchase without having the money first.

What energy am I in when I make this purchase?

It’s similar to how it’s easier to find a job when you have one – because you’re not desperate and not focusing on what you don’t have.

Magic Ingredients to Manifestation



Janice builds trust and faith by taking the steps and leaps.  You can take little leaps and little steps to begin with.  Janice gives example of her free cup of coffee. Getting small wins to build your faith in process and yourself



It doesn’t happen with just your thought.  You need to take action!  If an opportunity drops in front of you, take action on it.

Sometimes it’s not totally clear but clarity comes with each step.  You don’t know exactly what opportunity inspired actions will open you up to.

Ask yourself: how can this be easy?

As we change our beliefs and perceptions, we change the filter that we see things through.  Everything that we want it’s already here. You can’t have a desire w/o it being here.


What thoughts, actions, needs do you have when you have that thing you want?

 Every single day, we need to tap into that


One of the fastest and most amazing ways to manifest  

Elevates your frequency

Just b/c the radio isn’t on doesn’t mean that the frequencies are going through the room, you’ve just turned the source off

Give thanks for what you already have: Thank you for [insert desire here as if you already have it]

Common reason for why it’s not working

Limiting beliefs!! You need to identify then shift

Universal Laws

Universal laws are laws that govern the universe.  Just like the law of gravity, if you believe in it or not it works.  And it will work for everybody – no exceptions.  There are a lot of these laws (over 100+) but there are a few that you’ll want to know in particular.  Janice has a list of universal laws that she’s narrowed down to be most important (scroll down for this free list in “resources” section)

What’s helpful is that when you know and understand them then you can use them to your advantage.

Sometimes you manifest what you don’t want b/c you don’t’ understand these laws.


One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

That we have everything we need inside of us and we just need to learn to access it and trust ourselves.  It’s important to access our inner guidance. Everybody is born to be successful, your success is inevitable!

What is one nugget of wisdom that you would share with fellow seekers who are on this journey of growth and transformation?

Notice and be aware of what you are thinking at all times.  It's those thoughts that are creating your reality.  Are your thoughts in alignment with what you want, or are you worrying about what you don't want?

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E-book about manifesting


If you have any questions for Janice or want to learn more, connect with her through:



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Episode 73 Bite Sized: What Does It Really Mean to Live Your TRUTH?

The whole point of this podcast is to explore the meaning of our experiences in this journey and understand what our truth is and how to live in it.  Fully. Vulnerably. Unapologetically.

But over the last few weeks I found myself contemplating what “living our truth” really means.  It certainly sounds enticing, like as if it would lead us to something good – perhaps liberation.  Maybe happiness.  Still, I wondered how do we find our truths?  How do we know if when we’re living it?  And how do we stay connected to our truest self?

In this episode, I explore all these questions, starting with understanding truth from both a philosophical and applicable level.  I also identify three characteristics that develop when we are living our truth and give you two questions that can help you build momentum in this journey.

The disclaimer here is that while this is a start, it’s not the full answer.  These are big existential questions and this episode is only 20 minutes long! Plus I can’t say that I know what the whole answer is. There are as many layers to this as there are human beings that have ever inhabited this planet.  Like the rest of this journey, this is an exploration.  With each episode, a new story is shared and a little nugget is gathered to help deepen our understanding.  I’m really excited that we’re on this journey together!