Episode 10: Wake up! Listen, Redefine Success and then Find It with Christopher Lawrence


From corporate maven to business owner, Christopher Lawrence is a life coach who found his calling after spending fifteen years in a job that he felt empty in.  The transition didn’t come easy – in fact it took many difficult lessons including death and medication to give him the wisdom that he has now.  Knowing the utter importance of doing what you love, Chris now pours his heart into coaching people toward discovering their dream job. 

Join us as we discuss how to define what success really means, the thoughts that hold us back and why it’s important to definitely try.  Chris shows us how to overcome our obstacles with some fresh nuggets of wisdom, including a very generous offer for a free 90 minute personal life coaching session!  Read on to see how to book with the promo code…

Key Nuggets:

  • Money doesn’t bring you happiness but sometimes it seems that somebody has to reach a point of experiencing financial satisfaction first to really understand this. At least that was the case for Chris
  • Where you steer your car is where you’re going to head.  A helpful metaphor for understanding the power of belief
  • There is a village available to support you but you need to make yourself available to them to help you
  • Redefining failure vs. success: We tend to think of success as a one single point to get to and anything short of it is failure, but what if we think of failure as the one single point and success is everything is in between
  • It’s scary to navigate murky waters….but it’s scarier to not have tried.  We are scared and we come up with a lot of “what ifs”.  The antidote question to those are “…and then what?”.  Continue to answer the questions and you’ll see it’s not so bad
  •  Chris’ single most impactful tool for success: Write down your goals.
    • Go deeper and write down why they are so important to achieve, create an emotional attachment
    • Write down the steps needed to achieve this
    • Write down all of the obstacles that can get in the way and come up with ways to overcome each of those obstacles. Remind yourself how resourceful you are and remember that overcoming obstacles is actually part of the momentum
  • Another question to ponder: What problems have you overcome that you’ve been able to find solutions to?  Because that skill is transferrable to your other issues



Chris is giving away a free 90 minute session with him, available until the end of the year, December 31st, 2017.  In this session he will set you up with a motivational map, help you get clarity on where you need to go next, identify obstacles currently in your way, and action items for how to get there.  This offer is available to listeners in all locations. 

Go to www.ChangeMyLifeCoaching.ca > click on ‘our team’ > look for Christopher Lawrence > Book a 'top 3 motivator' strategy session > enter promo code MONKI2017 under 'coupon'


  • Book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg – talks about how to set yourself up for success
  • Book: Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton – talks about the science behind power of belief
  • Iyanla Vanzant – The speaker feature on Oprah that said ‘life will jerk you if you don’t take the subtle signs’

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

It’s not going to go the way that you want it to, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t still be amazing.


If you have any questions for Chris or want to learn more, connect with him through his:

Email: Christopher@ChangeMyLifeCoaching.ca

Website: www.ChangeMyLifeCoaching.ca

Facebook Page: Change My Life Coaching