Episode 78: How Crystal Healing Really Works with Jessica Roth

Jessica Roth is a Certified Crystal Healer and Certified ThetaHealer (energy work) that utilizes crystals and energy for healing of the mind, body & soul. She’s extremely intuitive, which allows her to guide people towards healing and connecting with themselves on deeper levels. She loves to help others learn how to work with energetic tools so that they can efficiently transmute influences that might be affecting their own physical and emotional wellbeing. Teaching and empowering about crystals and energy is her passion - she is the creator and founder of crystal healing courses and a Crystal Healer Certification program, based in San Diego California.

In this episode we talk about - you guessed it - CRYSTALS!

My earliest memory of crystals are the bins of little mix & match ones that you could get a gift shops. There would be a chart of what each one’s healing properties were. As a kid, I loved seeing what each rock (what I called them back then) could help with. If you’ve ever been to Banff, Alberta you would’ve come across one of these bins for sure!

As a grown up, I’ve taken a workshop or two about crystals. They usually bring in a few different ones and go over what the healing properties are. It’s like a live class of those charts I used to read. They’ve been enjoyable but I haven’t learned much beyond what does what. Today, I own a few beautiful crystals and hold the same curious candor for them as I did when I was a kid but I haven’t learned to use them beyond the psychological effect of having something comforting around (like a blankie).

But that all changes with my conversation with Jessica Roth!

If you’ve been interested in learning more about how crystals actually work and how to use them, you need to listen in! Jessica affectionately shares what she knows about crystals & energy. She also efficaciously answers all of my burning questions about crystals like: how can they actually change your vibration? (spoiler: if you think about it in terms of energy, it makes a lot more sense!) Does size matter? What’s up with “cleaning” your crystals - do we actually need to do that? If so, what’s the best method?

This is a fun one to listen to! Go on, plug in those earbuds!

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Key Nuggets:

Theta Healing

Since Jessica is also a Theta Energy Healer, we get to learn a bit about what Theta healing is. Basically it’s energy healing where your guided in a conversation to reveal subconscious blockages which then is released by the energy work.

Jessica loves using Theta healing to release these blockages and uses crystals to fill in the space with good vibes.

 Crystal Healing 101

Jessica gives us the scoop on crystals: how they work, does size matter and what energy has to do with all of this.

Crystals hold a certain vibration

It’s all about energy – each crystal has a certain energy and so do we.  That’s why we each react to the energy of a crystal differently.

The healing part of crystals is that it can be used to shift your vibration. Jessica explains exactly how/why it has the power to do that in our conversation. In a nutshell, we’re roller coasters of energy during daily life and our energy may fluctuate depending on what comes into our surroundings (ex. we may feel anything between love, happiness, fear, guilt….throughout the day. If somebody comes in and yells at us, we immediately change energetic states).

The intention that you use a crystal with also affects what it does for you.

When crystal comes into our space we start to match their vibrations (entrain) – this shift can happen in just a few minutes.

Depending on how sensitive to energy you are, you may have stomach gurgles or even tingles

Do we need to clean our crystals and why?

Jessica gives her explanation of why we should clean our crystals and how to do it. In a nutshell, the energy we carry can leave an “energy print” on the crystal (kind of like a fingerprint after you touch a glass). It’s like a residue that gets stuck to the crystal and if it’s somebody else’s “energy print” that’s left on your crystal then you may want to clear it.

How to work with crystals:

Jewelry, put it in your pocket, carry it in your bra, under your pillow, use in sacred circles….

Jessica’s Favorite Crystals:

Black Tourmaline to ground, reconnect with body, remove anxiety, remove energy from electronics

Quartz to clear and use as an all purpose crystal.  Be careful because it amplifies so make sure you are clear on what you’re trying to amplify.

Amazonite (teal blue-green color) – for throat and heart chakra.  Calming and balancing and communicating from the heart

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

One of the most important questions that she was asked is “how would you feel in 10 years if you stayed exactly where you are now?”.  Looking from this perspective of re-evaluating 10 years from now of what would you regret or not regret helps puts things into perspective.

If you’re not happy in your situation, make a change now.

What is one nugget of wisdom that you would share with fellow seekers who are on this journey of growth and transformation?

“Start small with taking steps towards living a life that is more authentic to you... It doesn't have to be drastic like skydiving! Just be willing to explore new things, or revisit things that you used to love as a kid! This was huge for me, because being playful had been something I hadn't allowed myself to be after my parents had passed away and I was in survival mode. So painting, having a puppy/dog, getting back into dance/fitness, being curious about spirituality/crystals... it really opened me up to experiencing life differently.”


Jessica has a new online Intro Crystal Course. You can check it out here.


If you have any questions for Janice or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Website: www.JessKayCrystals.com

Email: jess@jesskaycrystals.com

Social Media: @JessKayCrystals

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