Episode 9: Canna What? Cannabis! The New Kid on the Block in Natural Healing with Julie Nguyen

Canna what?  Cannabis!  Smoke it, eat it, bake it, vape it.  This mighty little plant is well known for its recreational uses but what can it do for us in terms of health benefits?  Join our conversation as Julie Nguyen, GM of Aura Health Studios & Dispensary, explains why cannabis is the rising star of the natural healing industry…

But first a little bit about my good friend Julie!  This amazing gal has always been ingrained in the world of natural healing.  She was introduced to yoga by her mom although she didn’t know what it was called at the time.  Julie’s mom is also an active member of the Buddhist community so Julie was often exposed to meditation at the temple as a little girl.  This exposure set the foundation for Julie to develop a yoga practice as an adult to find balance and decompress body and mind.  A consistent practice was much needed as she spent twelve years working a fast paced career in sales and marketing across multiple industries.  Eventually she found her way to Aura Health Studios where she was able to combine her corporate experience with her affinity for natural healing. 

She was able to bring her vision for a holistic health studio come to life, where a variety of healing modalities can be offered all under one roof.  Currently they have a massage therapist, nutritionist, acupuncturist, and of course medical professionals for cannabis treatments.  Julie is a trailblazer in the industry as Aura’s concept is the first of its kind in Canada.  The store front doesn’t look like what you think either!  It’s bright, pristine and chic, resonating more like your local yoga or spin studio.  Since our topic is about cannabis, that’s what we focused our conversation on and boy, there’s so much knowledge to be had!! Read on to get the key nuggets…. 

Key Nuggets:

  • There are over 25 medical conditions where cannabis can help
  • The cannabinoid profile of the plant determines the effect that it will have on you.  For example, a higher amount of THC will elicit a “high” feeling and a higher amount of CBD will usually result in anti-anxiety a feeling of relaxation.
  • There are a variety of ways to consume cannabis, including topically which usually helps an individual avoid getting a “high” feeling.
  • One of the most unique properties is cannabis is that different strains have their own terpene profile (kind of the aromatherapy profile) which allows the plant to be bred so that they have specific strain ie. One for insomnia, one for creativity...

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

Moving to a new city (Vancouver) and having to build a life all over again helped Julie learn the lesson to take down expectations of herself and be more compassionate to herself and to others.  There’s no need to rush the healing process.  To get the best out of people, show empathy in understanding that everyone is dealing with their own issues at any given moment and also show compassion towards them.  These actions will cause people to open up and as you help them through their struggles, oftentimes you will find yourself being healed as well.  There’s no need to rush through the healing process.


If you have any questions for Julie or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Website: aurahealthstudio.com

Email: Julie@aurahealth.ca