Episode 22: Hello Paradise! Hello Dreams! How To Achieve Success with Linsey Rankin

What It Took To Start a Yoga Retreat Centre: struggles, accomplishments and lessons learned along the way


Una barraca, which means “warrior lady”, is what Linsey Rankin is endearingly called by friends in Colombia.  For the past year, she has worked with a small team to run yoga retreats on a pristine piece of land in Choco.  Her vision affords the opportunity for yoga junkies and tourists alike to experience a part of nature that has barely been touched.   We actually talked to Linsey back in Episode 4, where she shared her big dreams of opening up a haven for yoga retreats in Colombia.  A year later, she’s living life exactly as she envisioned on her vision board.  She spends many days in paradise - beaching, swimming with whales and watching the monkeys go by.  Listen in to hear her story of how she achieved success.  She share her struggles, accomplishments, and lessons learned along the way.

Key Nuggets:

  • Choco, a department of Colombia known as the city of eternal spring, is located on the western coast of Colombia.  That's also where Linsey has started her business for yoga retreats, Prana Pacifico.
  • The most important thing for Linsey to achieve her goal was to have clarity in exactly what she wanted.  To gain clarity, she made a vision board which helped her solidify where she really wanted to be.  For her, that meant going back to Colombia
  • Another important part of success for Linsey was to acknowledge her fear and do it anyway.  There is no perfect time, or absolutely perfect condition.  Rely on your intuition and if it still feels right, do it!
    • We all struggle with fear and doubt; instead of abolishing it, see it as part of the journey
    • Take your fear further and ask “if my fear comes true, what happens next?”  It might end up being a pleasant surprise as you realize that if that one thing goes wrong, it doesn't immediately bring you down to the worst case scenario. 

Ex. "what happens if we get rained out for this outdoor event?" In our head, we jump to "then the event will be a bust and life will completely suck moving forward!"  But really ask yourself "if you get rained out for an outdoor event then what happens next?"  Perhaps you end up going inside, perhaps you postpone the event.  Whatever it is, it doesn't necessarily go straight to failure.

  • Another big thing with success is to keep going.  Don’t give up at the first sign of struggle and remember that it’s not a quick journey. It’s a long term plan, not a short term fix.  Look at the big picture.
  • Even if it’s destiny and meant to be, it can still be hard
  • Simple but great advice: If you need clarity, breathe.
  • * Linsey has put out an invitation for international facilitators who are interested in running a retreat in Choco to contact her!  So if you have a craft in wellness and are interested in Choco, give her a shout with any of the below contacts.

Your Biggest Lesson From Starting Your Business:

Have clarity in where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Be bold, make decisions that guide you closer to your goals.

Have faith, keep going despite hiccups and obstacles.


If you have any questions for Linsey or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Facebook: Prana Pacifico Retreats

Instagram: prana.pacifico.retreats_

Website: www.pranapacifico.com

Email: pranapacifico@gmail.com