I’ve got you, let’s do this together.

Just you, me and the Desire Map.

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I’ll coach you on your journey, you commit to do the work. You’ll find your truth, remember your light, your true nature, your source.

Private Soul Sessions are one on one personalized sessions designed to give you freedom to take the journey at your own pace. Flowing where you’re open and giving space to where you’re stuck. Taking time to let breakthroughs (and there will be breakthroughs) sink in. Personalized practices to seal in the work. * Long deep inhale * * Long deep exhale *

Let’s do this. Together.

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4 Months. 12 x 90 Minute Sessions.

You know there's something bigger for you out there and you're so ready to figure it out.  You're willing to commit - roll up your sleeves, dig deep and find your truth.  Okay, let's get you on the fast track.  We'll meet for 12 x 90 minute sessions over 4 months.  I'll coach you through it all.  In the end, you'll know what that "something more" is, have an inner compass to direct you and a strategy to get there.  You'll stand in your truth.  Unapologetically. With conviction.

$585 per month

Level 1.png

3 Months. 9 x 60 Minute Sessions

We'll meet for one hour 3 times a month for 3 months.

We’ll dive deep to uncover what you really want. 

Unawakened desires.

Forgotten desires.

Hidden desires....let them unravel and find what your soul is really calling out for.

Your inner compass will be calibrated.  You'll know which way to head. You’ll come out holding the seeds of transformation, a sense of inner truth guiding you.

$450 per month

Recurs for 3 months

Level 2 V4.png

3 Months. 9 x 60 Minute Sessions.

Your inner compass is calibrated, you know what it is that you truly desire - what your soul is calling out for.  You have a vision of what your most magnificent life looks like.  Great, now let's make it happen.

You and me -  we'll meet for one hour 3 times a month for 3 months. 

We'll map out a path to get you where this magnificent vision lives.  Ditch the things that hold you back, adopt new ones that move you forward.  Face your fears, breakthrough self sabotage.  In the end you'll have a map.  Off you go, bulletproof.

$450 per month

Recurs for 3 months