Episode 3: Mindfulness With Natalie Phung

Natalie Phung is a colourful soul with intense wanderlust, curiosity, and openness to the world.  Time spent with her is guaranteed to be interesting.  We tap into Nat’s knowledge as a psychotherapist to learn about mindfulness from a different angle.  Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist religion but it can be practiced by anybody as its benefits are available to everybody.  In fact, Nat teaches mindfulness as a tool to her clients.  In our conversation, she breaks down the concept to help us better understand this tool and also teaches us ways to incorporate it into our everyday lives.  This is an interesting perspective as we begin to connect the gap between the western and eastern side of healing.    

Key Nuggets:

  •  There is no “end point” in mindfulness, it’s about the practice itself
  • Being mindful doesn’t just mean tuning into the positive feelings, sometimes it can mean that you become aware of pain as well.  And that’s not a bad thing.  If you are aware of where the pain is, then you are more likely able to find a strategy to resolve it.

One of her biggest lessons so far:                                                                                Always care for yourself and practice self-love. Life becomes infinitely easier when we focus inwards before we focus outwards.

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