Episode 50: PART I The Dark Knight Of The Soul. A Journey From Depression to Self-Love with Mia Mitchell

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Mia Mitchell is a beacon of light who works to guide others into a life they love by using essential oils as her trusted tool.  This lovely Australian lady’s heart centered essential oils business stems from a reason more deep-seated than passion if you can imagine.  I dare say (after hearing her story) that this is the truest form of expression of herself.  A manifestation of her soul’s purpose, born from her darkest hour. 

I suspected that Mia had an incredible story to tell and this suspicion was confirmed just a few minutes into our conversation.  What I planned to talk to Mia about was essential oils and how they can help us in our yoga practice and everyday lives.  And we did talk about that! ...Eventually.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, a hidden gem of a story was waiting to be revealed.  When I asked Mia about how she came to find her love of essential oils, it turns out that it started from a dark place.  A place of anxiety, depression, and very, very, very difficult experiences (I put a “very” in for each of the obstacles she shared) including the loss of a loved one to suicide.  It was clear that beyond which essential oils are best for meditation or giving you energy, there was a strong message to be shared.  Mia’s story is a powerful voice for the awareness of mental health issues.  Her messages are clear and true as can be  

“It’s okay to not be okay” 
“In every moment you have a choice.  While making a choice might be hard, you still have one”

You’ve probably caught on by now that this interview went for much longer than anticipated!  I’ve split it into two parts for you.  Today, I present to you PART I where you’ll hear Mia’s story about mental health.  Next week I’ll release PART II where we tap into her expertise on essential oils.

Key Nuggets:

  • "In every moment, you have a choice.  While making a choice might be hard, you still have one."  This piece of wisdom comes from Mia's realization on a beach one day where she sat right after her husband had left.  It was in that moment that she decided to choose to get better and do what she had to do create a life she loved.
    • The moment you commit something is a defining moment.  The mere acting of making a commitment already changes the path that you're on.
  • Mental health is still one of those things that everybody is scared to talk about but it direly needs to be talked about.  As Mia shared her own experience on mental health, she creates powerful space for others to feel how they do and at the same time know that they're not alone. 
  • Mia’s description of grief: It's like being in the waves of the ocean.  There may be small waves to float along and they are alright but there can be big ones that push you down.  All the way down to the ocean floor.  But you can always come back up and breathe. Just breathe.
  • Mia's advice on what you can do if you know somebody who's going through grief:  Reach out to that person.  Knowing somebody is there and being able to have a conversation can make the world of a difference.
  • Mia’s practice to continue the life she loves:
    • Allow gratefulness to guide her
    • Reflect and immerse in what she's learned from her experiences
    • Self love – it always comes back to self love.  It's not selfish to put yourself first and make sure you are taken care of!    
  • Be careful not to apply pressure to yourself for daily practices of what to do and when.  It could become the opposite effect if you don't meet the mark one day.
  • There are certain tools and healing modalities that are meant for you.  If you try something and it doesn't work – keep searching!  Not all tools and healing modalities are for everyone.


If you have any questions for Mia or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Website:  www.miamitchell.com.au

Email:  mia@hfessentials.com

Instagram: @itsmiamitchell