Episode 26: How to Take the Healing Path and Live on Purpose with Nicholas Pepe

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Nicholas Pepe is one inspiring individual who has dedicated himself to doing what I’ve decided to call “heart work”.  Work that is soul centred with the intention to help provide a positive impact on other people’s lives and the world.  In specific, he’s an Energy Healer and Personal Development Coach who specializes in helping women who are ruled by fear, doubt, and “low confidence” learn how to master their emotions so that they can live with Courage, Confidence and Freedom

Nicholas is the author of Courageous Acts of Self-Love, creator of a self-help channel on YouTube, and has been featured on MSNBC as well as several magazines.

In this episode, we have a heart to heart about some provoking life questions such as why is it important to heal?  What’s holding people back from joy?  How do we live our purpose?  Nicholas shares lessons and insights gathered from the work he’s done with clients as well as himself.

Key Nuggets:

  • Healing where you’ve been hurt the most is where you can affect others the most.
  • We’re all healers for our own life.  The external healers that we seek are guides that help bring us back to our own inner power.
  • People are merely skimming the surface of their lives.  In other words, many people live with a lot of unresolved patterns and the same issues keep coming up over and over for them.  Nicholas urges you to be a submarine and go deep into the places that you were hoping to keep stashed away.  Oftentimes we don't even know ourselves at that deep level and that not knowing blocks us from our true selves.
  • Healing can begin as easy as a moment of acknowledgement to yourself.  Nicholas uses the analogy of a stubbed toe - when we hit our toe against something, we hold onto it to soothe it rather than ignoring it.  We should do the same for our internal selves.  For example, if somebody said something to you and it triggered a negative feeling (ex. shame, guilt), acknowledge it rather than stash it away. There’s a part of you who is hurt that needs to be heard
  • Saying “yes” is also a boundary to set. Say yes to yourself, yes to the parts of you that need healing, yes to taking more time for yourself.
  • Most common obstacle that Nicholas sees that is holding people back from true joy is not having felt joy in it’s entirety.  The more things we need to heal, the less we can feel.  It takes energy to repress uncomfortable emotions. It’s like looking at a sunset and not experiencing the full beauty of it.
  • Numb is still a feeling and holds a frequency.
  • Feel your emotions through you body.  Oftentimes we add a label to how we're feeling and rationalize it out with our minds.  That's fine but we're missing the other part, which is how it feels in the body.  When we don't look at the whole, there is a disconnect.
    • We give words feelings.  In essence, feelings don’t require words.  Labeling is a limitation in itself.  The real emotion comes in shades....shades of anger….a ball of feels that can’t be explained in words
  • We all have a purpose but sometimes we forget.  Perhaps we get lost in meeting the expectations of others or the expectations we've set for ourselves.
  • Become aware of how you’re investing your energy.  Is there too much energy invested in too many places? When we don't think about how we are investing our energy, we can end up with not enough energy for ourselves
  • You’re here on purpose, spend your energy on purpose, so that you can live from a place of more purpose
  • The work we do on ourselves ripples out into the world whether we realize it or not.  We are being felt in many ways that we may not be able to see.
  • What’s in your mind isn’t necessarily true.

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:                   

Every single thing you do matters.  You need to give more credit to yourself for the amazing things you do each day.  Just you being you is a victory.  You are much bigger than you think you are.

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