We’ll Do It Your Way


There are many different reasons why you may be looking for a private class.

Perhaps you’re not so keen on a classroom setting - it’s unnerving when everyone bends themselves into a pretzel like it’s no big thing. “I’m not flexible like that!” you find yourself gasping. Well don’t worry, you don’t need to be flexible like that! Everyone’s anatomy is different so the gal who can fold in half backwards like an ironing board can do it literally because she was born with it. We’ll practice together and I’ll help you find the best form for your body.

Maybe it’s not even you who’s not keen a on a classroom setting. You’ve been trying to get your hubby to practice with you but they refuse to be caught in public sporting tight tights or tiny shorts. I’ve got your back! Private class rates are for up to 3 people so no problem for hubby to join. Heck, maybe even bring your bestie too, why not?

It could be that it’s not the classroom thing at all. You run a tight schedule and time efficiency is key so that you can crush it in your day to day. Yes, I’ve got you too. Don’t worry about packing up that gym bag because I come to you for private classes. Yup, I’m the one who does the commuting, you stay put and get on with your day. For full flexibility, you schedule appointments online at your own convenience.

Whatever else your reason may be for taking a private class here’s what you can expect when we practice together:

  • Customized experience to focus on personal goals. I’ll design a practice based on what you’re needing. Whether you’re looking to improve your practice, open up your body for deeper movement, get better sleep, or take a deep dive into the inquiry of the self, we’ll get there together.

  • Stay safe and work with your unique anatomy. As I mentioned above, everyone’s anatomy is different. I’ll help you find what yours are so that you can practice safely to strengthen your body.

  • Achieve the benefits of yoga for a better sense of well-being and inner peace. As we practice, you’ll find a deeper sense of self. Your spirit will inevitably shine a little brighter as you learn to breathe and quiet the mind.

Additional details you’ll be happy to know:

  • Flexible scheduling. All bookings are made online so that you can book at your own convenience.

  • Private class rates are for up to 3 people. See below for further details.

  • The styles that I teach are vinyasa, yin and nidra.

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Depending on what you need and what your goals are, we may do a gentle flow, fiery practice or something in between. Either way, we’ll flow through asanas (poses) specifically designed for you.


Long holds to exercise “yin” tissues of the body. Physical benefits include increased circulation, improved joint flexibility, release of tension and prevent degeneration of joints. On an energetic level, a Yin practice clears blocked prana or chi (life force).


Deep guided meditation done lying down. Its most visible effects can include deep relaxation, better sleep, decreased anxiety, decreased stress and an elevated sense of well-being + ease. On a more profound level, this practice cultivates inner stillness and release of blocked energies.