Espisode 12: Reiki noun /’reIkI/ (ray-keeey) Oh, there’s healing energy all around us. Well what’s the scoop on that? with Alishia Alibhai

Alishia Alibhai is a Social Psychologist, Reiki Master, and Soul Coach.  She started off entrenched in the academic side of things but also had a deep seated knowledge that there was something more that she could be doing to help people.  Partway through her graduate studies, she found a course for Reiki and eagerly hopped on board.  She opened up her business, Divine Bliss, in 2009 and has been sharing her healing and knowledge since then.  With a PhD in psychology and all three levels of Reiki training, Alishia offers a unique standpoint for understanding the world of energy.  On the one hand her academic background provokes her to seek hard proof and evidence but on the other, her Reiki training has taught her to trust by experience and through the heart, even if you cannot see with your naked eye.  I was so excited to meet her because that’s the world I live in too!   One foot in our tangible earthly world, and one foot ready to take flight to trust in an inner wisdom that cannot be seen.  Alishia was a wonderful sport as I peppered her with all sorts of questions to try to understand this Reiki business.  What is it exactly?  How can it help us? How does it work?...

Okay, before we dive in, a bit more about the topic.  Reiki, pronounced ray-keeey, is a healing practice developed in Japan by a man called Mikao Usui around the 1900s. The concept is for the practitioner to harness already existing healing energy and channel it to the client to promote health of the body, mind and spirit.  Chances are you’ve probably heard of it or at least seen it depicted in some movie or TV show.  It usually plays the part of comedic relief where an eclectic hippy person tries to heal someone by waving their hands around.  It’s funny, yes, but there’s more to it than just a good laugh.  The exchange of energy between people is something we’ve all experienced, so why wouldn’t it make sense that sometimes the energy exchanged can be healing?  This episode is another stone in the path toward understanding all that is connected.  

Key Nuggets:

  •  Benefits of reiki include improved health to body mind and spirit.  Specifically:
    • Increase relaxation and feeling of peace
    • Decrease stress and anxiety
    • Bring clarity to the mind
    • Clear out energy blockages
  •  Hydrate, drink lots of water before a reiki session
  • When you think about feeling energy, think about walking into a room where there was just a heated argument versus a room that’s been blessed or prayed in.  It feels different, you just know.
  • A Reiki Master isn’t necessarily “better” than somebody with just level I or II.  The secret is in how much you practice.

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

Trusting.  Trust yourself, we all are powerful and have strong intuition to know what’s best for ourselves.  We just need to hone into it.


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