Episode 13: One Man's Unfolding with Matthew Keleman

Life is a great unfolding and when we surrender we open ourselves to deep meaning.  Our perspective shifts and we become attuned to the sacredness of being.  Our experiences in this life become keen and insightful.  Perhaps as we place our feet on the Earth we suddenly become aware of how connected we are to nature, more than we’ve ever felt before; or perhaps we look up at the stars and it’s like as if we’re seeing them for the first time, we can gaze upon these gems all night long.  We are humbled at how beautiful life can be.  We learn to embrace that our paths come in many forms and that there is no formula and no “straight” path.  We’re all the same in that we will eventually arrive at the same destination but each individual’s story is unique.  Love, joy, heartbreak, spiritual awakenings…sharing stories of our personal journeys can inspire, build compassion, bring understanding, and ultimately help weave us even closer to this human experience. 

This episode is exactly that as Matthew Keleman, a Calgary based yoga teacher, shares with us about his own unfolding.  We had a deeply meaningful conversation and it was an honor talking to him as he came open with nothing but his authenticity.  A truly beautiful soul – so many layers, so reflective and he frames his experiences in such a poetic manner helping remind us of the eloquence in life if only we let ourselves see it. 

In Matt’s words “To me, yoga as a term is a reference to the story of my slow unfolding and emergence as a being. My coming together of parts in the realization of what we all innately know but have perhaps forgotten. As a practice, yoga is many things. A playground, and science lab, a theatre stage, a hospital bed...a dynamic expression of the self in all of its living glory and connection.”

Key Nuggets:

  • Another quote from Matt as he writes “I've learned about respect. Respect from an empathetic place. People bare their very souls on their yoga mat; sometimes this is repressive and sometimes it is gushing, but regardless of its nature, it is on display when you come to your mat. While my journey has taken me through specific valleys and over specific mountains with very specific viewpoints, I have come to realize that we are all experiencing this same road with a different lens, and although we have tools for absorbing these lessons and we are entitled to share our stories, it is simply respect for the authenticity of what each person is going through that allows the brightest evolution of the species to shine through peacefully.”

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

Being yourself because who you are [at the very core] is who you always will be.  It's about trusting that and learning to love yourself.


 If you have any questions for Matt or want to learn more, connect with him through:

Classes (based in Calgary): Yoga and Beyond and meditations at Modern + Mindful

Instagram: @monkeyogi