Episode 15: Find Your Intuition with Naomi Parker

This episode is just as multifaceted as the guest itself.  Naomi Parker is based in YYC and is a mom, biologist, yoga teacher, and energy healer.  She takes us through not just one, but two stories and brings us into territories that are unknown to most of us.  Story One. A yoga journey.  Naomi shares how she found yoga and how she eventually ended up becoming a yoga teacher.  The conversation enrichens as she shares her passion about pranayama (breath work) – the importance, benefits and tips on how to do her favorite breathing exercise.  It is here that we begin to sense she’s not an ordinary yoga teacher. This leads to Story Two. The unfolding of an energy healer.  Naomi opens up about how she eventually honed into her gifts in energy healing after casting it aside for three decades.  Keep an open mind as she takes us into the world of the esoteric.  Seriously.  If you think your mind is open, open more!  Topics extend beyond the energetic flows of our bodies and into a world that many of us have probably never heard of before.  If you like to contemplate philosophies of humanity and the meaning of being a human, this episode is for you!  

Key Nuggets:

  • A reminder that the most lucrative yoga session is one where you honor your body and your practice exactly as they are.  True acceptance is key.  No comparison, release of judgement.
  • Naomi is passionate about pranayama (breath work).  In fact she incorporates them into her yoga classes.  On the energetic side, she has one-on-one consultations with clients just to work on their breathing.  Here are her tips:
    • Pranayama, when translated from Sanskrit, means ‘life force’. 
    • Our breath can heal our body, open us up to our intuition, reduce stress, find calm, bring clarity and help understand blockages that might be keeping us from our potential
    • Breathe with intention, deep breaths from your head all the way down to your toes.  You can practice this by opening and closing your day with a breathing exercise.
    • Naomi’s favorite breathing exercise is  Nadi Shodhana or ‘alternate nostril breathing’.  She recommends 6-12 rounds.
      • Begin by taking your right hand and placing your ring finger on your left nostril and thumb on your right nostril.  Index and middle fingers on third eye.
      • Variation #1: Close left nostril with ring finger > inhale through right nostril > plug right nostril with thumb > exhale through left nostril > inhale through left nostril > plug left nostril > exhale through right nostril > Repeat
      • Variation #2: the secular version.  Same starting hand position > plug left nostril > inhale through right > exhale through left nostril > plug left nostril > inhale through right > Repeat.  Makes sure to switch sides once you’ve finished your rounds on one side.
  • Blockages of breath in the body can be physical, mental or spiritual.   
    •  Physical: blockage on a cellular level
    •  Mental: stored pockets of emotion and/or drama
    • Spiritual: blockage on an energetic level.  Ex. Chakras are not working together properly. 
  •  Naomi’s journey with being an energetic healer.  How her knowledge affected the way she saw the world. 
  • Consciousness coaching where a coach helps individuals look at their business in a holistic way.  From hashing out the business concept to identifying blockages.  That means on an energetic level too.  Roadblocks can be limiting beliefs or childhood imprints. Helping one fully understand their soul purpose.
  • Sometimes challenges will repeat themselves until you learn from them.  Shine a light on it and it won't seem so scary.

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

Love yourself – continue to work on yourself and peel back the layer.  

Everything that you are is perfect


o   An article that discusses the card experiment we talked about that shows how our body or gut instinct knows an answer long before our mind or analytical brain is willing to believe.  The Science Behind Intuition, by Psychology Today

o   We also talked about the book I read about past lives: Many Masters, Many Lives by Dr.Brian Weiss


If you have any questions for Naomi or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Email: elemental.yoga.wellness@gmail.com

Website:  www.elementalwellness.com

Facebook: Elemental Wellness Yoga