Episode 14: A Lifelong Learner, A Heart Calling. With Kate Mak

Kate Mak is one of YYC’s favorite yoga teachers. A mover and shaker who pursues tirelessly to create community.  Her classes usually include an eloquent flow, something new and a cheesy joke or two.  She’ll tell you a story about the ancient deities or maybe sing to you while playing the harmonium.  As a student, you just know that you are in good hands.  You can be sure that the space is held, you’ll learn something new and most importantly, you’ll walk out of your practice feel oh so good. So how does a yoga teacher learn to seamlessly incorporate movement, yoga teachings, excitement and laughter to their class so well?  Keep on learning! For real.  Kate has a voracious appetite for learning and never plans to stop.  That’s how she eventually found herself in an NYC ashram. In this episode, Kate shares her story about how she finally heeded to the calling of her heart, transforming from a young neuroscientist who was unsure of her path and into a glowingly happy yoga teacher who travels around the world for a living.  She teaches about the importance of being a lifelong learner and lets us in on her next journey as she makes even bigger waves in the community by creating her very own yoga teacher training.  

Key Nuggets:

  • Kate’s Tips on choosing a yoga teacher training:
    • Start with understanding what kind of a schedule do you’ll need - intensive or broken down over the course of a year?  Some of us have an open schedule but others may need to work around office hours.
    • Ask teachers that you resonate with the most where they took theirs.
    • Understand what kind of yoga styles you want to learn
    • Make sure you feel good!  You should feel excited and happy about your decision.
  • Kate’ tips on how to keep learning as a yoga teacher:
    • Go to workshops
    • Attend festivals
    • Listen to TED Talks and Podcasts
  • There’s always an opportunity to learn.  Sometimes we learn something but don’t fully comprehend the lesson until later…it can even be years later.
  • Your big dream isn’t too big!  If it’s overwhelming, divide it into digestible chunks and build up piece by piece, one step at a time.

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

Keep learning, there’s always a lesson.  It’s never too late and you’re never too old.


If you have any questions for Kate or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Website: www.katewmak.com

Email: on website

Kate's Yoga Teacher Training: www.mynahschoolofyoga.com