Episode 7: Trust In the Process with Ambre Comeau


Ambre Comeau is a yoga teacher and a good friend.  We met during our yoga teacher training and one thing I’ve always noticed is her ability to beeline for what she wants.  From starting a dog sitting business to teaching yoga she seems to achieve it all rather effortlessly.  So what’s the trick?  We go through Ambre’s story to try to figure out what has worked well for her in her successes and what went wrong when she didn’t succeed.  Things get mystical as she introduces me to something called a Sole Path, which is somewhat like personality test except it’s done energetically. She explains how her Sole Path has helped her better settle into her own skin.  All in all, the answer is actually quite simple and it organically (or maybe it could have been my need for order and organization) came together as kind of a process:  align to what you want, take a leap of faith, manifest and then trust in the process.    Although with that said, the easiest solutions are also the hardest.

We also take a look at personality to see if that was something that played a factor; and found that it isn’t so much personality than it is our limiting beliefs that affect the outcome of our successes.  Ambre shares a deep set limiting belief about finances that she had to banish before being able to make decisions that helped expand her business.   

Key Nuggets:

  •  Aligning to what you want is the first step to being successful.  Whenever Ambre endeavoured into something she knew didn’t align, it left her drained and exhausted.  Choose what you have energy for.
  •  Commit to yourself.  Actively declare to yourself what it is that you want and what you will do for it.  Don’t let it bob around aimlessly
  •  Learning when to quit is equally important as learning when to persevere

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

Trust the process and be honest with what it is that you want.  It will happen.  Know that if it doesn’t happen right now but it is something that’s genuine to you and something that you need and want, it will eventually happen for you. 

If it’s true to you it will truly happen. 


Ambre had her Sole Path done as part of her onboarding at the yoga studio.  Your Sole Path is like a personality test except it’s done energetically.  Here’s the institute she used:  www.solepathinstitute.org   

If you have any questions for Ambre or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Email: info@ambrediana.com

Website: www.ambrediana.com

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