Episode 80: What's Meant For You Will Find You with Mariaestela Gullestrap

One fascinating inquiry that guides my curiosity and was an essential building block that led to the creation of this podcast is:

How do we end up doing the work that we do?

In specific, what I really mean to explore is

How do people end up doing work that totally lights them up?

How can we live lives that feel purposeful?

What can we do to ensure that we take our right path...the best path for ourselves?

I’ve been completely captivated by these questions ever since the first time I ever felt “stuck” in life. They seemed more reachable than the sometimes intimidating and seemingly amorphous existential questions of “why are we here?” or “why am I here?” (although these are fun to contemplate too). In the end, these question are in and of the same as there is only one essential truth. But there are many paths to get here and at times the initial questions just seem more palpable than the last.

Good thing that Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela Gullestrap is on the same wavelength! In this episode we explore these questions and Mariaestela lends the wisdom that she’s collected from her own journey into this inquiry. One of my biggest takeaways from our conversation is that we can be prescribed a hundred thousand million kajillion famillion strategies/habits/skills to “get it right” but at the end of the day, it boils down to a very simple piece of knowledge that we already know at some level or another.

Live your life. Choose love.

Live your life. Whether you like it or not, your life is already unfolding. Instead of worrying and fighting and trying to control it to look a certain way, just try going with it. See what happens. It’s already started and it’s already bringing you to where you need to be.

Choose love. Make the choices that make you feel light and expansive - that’s the real you. Anything that shrinks and suffocates you is not you.

Damn. As always, the most powerful wisdom is the simplest (I didn’t say easiest ;))

Okay plug in those earbuds and listen away! Maybe have a journal ready, there are some mighty nuggets you might want to remember!

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Key Nuggets: 

You don’t find your purpose, your purpose finds you.  You just need to be ready to hear it and willing to listen

  • What Mariaestela has learned from her own journey is that it’s all about the continuous practice of surrender and that there can be so many lessons in the darkness. Sometimes the pain becomes so great that it’s easier to actually surrender to something bigger

  • Surrender is an internal process but it also has an external result

  • In her own story, she realizes that she’s been preparing all her life for the work that truly lights her up. The preparation came naturally as it has been in being an older sister and the friend that everyone confided in

How to find balance between the seen and unseen (energy and concrete action)

  • When you feel resistance, give yourself some space

  • Take what serves and leave the rest. What resonates with your truth?  That’s your guide.  We keep looking outside of ourselves but you already know that the answer is inside

  • There’s a moment when it clicks! Don’t think that you have to max out your credit card or jump off planes.  Live your life and it will unfold!

  • And when in doubt always default to the mantra of “choosing love”. In fact, a practice that Mariaestela suggests is to put a reminder alarm in your phone to CHOOSE LOVE. When she initiated this practice for herself, everything changed


  • Spirituality for For Mariaestela is everything that can support you in lifting the veil. “God is one song but there are many DJs”.  Basically the vast and expansive universe. Her spiritual practice is truth, her values, her practices, faith , beliefs, how she shows up in her world.

  • We’re all weaved from this source of love and there is something bigger than us

Is it fear or love?

  • Inspired action: being willing to listen to what you’re being called forth to do and then being wiling to do it.  Take one tiny step at a time knowing that you expand in love –then next thing will show up, next thing will show up…

  • It’s about the activation because if you don’t then the shadow self starts coming up

  • Answer for yourself: How do you tap into the right energy?

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

“Love is The Way - not in the airy fairy, unicorns, rainbows and butterflies kinda way, although who doesn’t love unicorns! LOL I’m a firm believer in expansion from a space of love, meaning that as we review and build our day, our lives, our businesses, really anything - make sure it’s done in a way that uplifts you and propels you forward rather than drag you down, which doesn’t serve you nor those you’re here to serve”

What is one nugget of wisdom that you would share with fellow seekers who are on this journey of growth and transformation?

“Love is the way.  It’s better to take one small step than to plan out a hundred.  Start where you are and do what you can with what you have.  Trust that you already have everything that you need to take the next step right now.”


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