Episode 83: THE HUSTLE SERIES - Creating A Movement For World Peace with Lyndsay Morris

Can you believe it, we’re already into the last two weeks of August! I’m not ready for the summer fun to be over but at the same time I’m excited for the Fresh Start vibes that are upon us.

September is like a second new year where we get to establish new routines, refresh goals and create new dreams. Taking full advantage of this new energy, fresh start vibe, I’ve created a special series for you! In this The Hustle series, I’m releasing one story each week from now until September. These are stories of amazing individuals who took the courage and leaped for their heart calling.  As a result, they're now making riveting impact on positive change around the world.  

They tell us about what it really took to make their vision a success - triumphs, trials and everything in between. They share candidly about how they figured out their heart calling was in the first place and what they leaned on to get this far. We especially dive deep and get real about the challenges they’ve faced. Oftentimes, we hear success stories about how there was a challenge and then ta-da! they made it….but what happened in the middle? It’s the sticky part that’s the thick of it and where we can use the most support when going for these endeavors.

The times when things seem hopeless and we’re about to throw in the towel. Maybe you run out of money and you literally can’t pay the bills. How do you know if you should keep trying? How do you manage when you wake up feeling like everything is a complete wash?

I’m so grateful to these individuals who graciously share the sticky parts of their journey with us. We learn so much from hearing about their passion, will and deep sense of resolve to follow their heart calling. Of course, we celebrate their triumphs with them cheer them on as they keep on going!

For you, I hope that these stories can be your anchor and inspiration as you daringly go for your dreams!

Lyndsay Morris kicks off the first of this series

Lyndsay founder of Generation Wellness, creator of The Mindful Student Online Platform and the host of the Wellness Warrior Show. She’s committed to whole child education and teaching peace around the world through mindfulness practices, cutting-edge social/emotional techniques and fun, interactive activities.

She started off as a 4th grade teacher, then school counselor and eventually realized that the school system was missing a huge part of wellness for children. The system builds academics and achievements but doesn’t teach anything by way of how to be happy or how to find intrinsic motivation. Lyndsay saw a need to include the mental and emotional well-being as a child. She’s created a whole movement of wellness practices for school to help children find peace! The goal of Generation Wellness is to be in every single school in North America by 2023!

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Key Nuggets:

The Story

Lyndsay Morris who was a 4th grade teacher and school counselor realized the need for education that takes the whole child into account. Not just academics and achievements but mental, emotional and mindfulness too so that they can learn how to be happy and find intrinsic motivation.

In 2014, Lyndsay started a movement to cultivate well-being to students and Generation Wellness was born.

Challenges Along The Way And How You Got Through It

When she first started there was a lot of outside noise and everybody seemed to have an opinion. “why are you throwing away your degree?” “you know few businesses make it to even year 5” “why would you leave your secure job?” - she overcame that by anchoring herself to her why and staying in alignment with herself

Spread herself so thin for the first two years and really had to learn to focus on just 1-3 things in order to make progress

To learn to appreciate the process by using Shawn Anchor’s Happiness Habits (gratitude, doubler, movement, acts of kindness and stillness). Lyndsay explains in detail in the episode.

Her biggest challenge was when she was experiencing much pressure from her personal life and she came to a point where she didn’t even have money to fix the washer. She thought she’d hit rock bottom and that she’d have to get a job again. Lyndsay shares how she managed her way through this sticky part.

Lessons To Share

We think that happiness is on the other side of achievement but in reality you need to learn to appreciate the process

Working hard is not the solution (hard lesson learned from ending up in many hospital beds) - find self-care and don’t let yourself burnout

Decide how you’re going to show up for what you’re called to do

You need to believe in yourself before anybody else believes in you!

You don’t need to know everything at once, you just need to know where to go

Know your why, your intentions and what the world needs

Favorite Triumph

Favorite memories all end up being the small moments like the moment she walks off the stage and people tell her they really needed to hear her message.

Most unexpected thing you learned about starting your business?

There is no finish line which is why you need to fall in love with the process

Intention + Heart Print + Aligned Committed Action = Results

What made your vision a success?

A strong why, mentors, loving your mistakes, loving yourself, loving the process and having a support system for when you’re in the valleys

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

“Fall in love with the process. Most of life is the process, not the moment in which you speak in front of thousands, meet the love of your life, hit that income goal, travel to the place that’s been on your bucket list. These are moments. However, most of life is the journey in between the moments. Business is the ultimate personal development course- it’s daily, hands-on in the trenches. Fall in love with the mistakes. Fall in love with getting back up. Fall in love with learning. Fall in love with growing. Fall in love with the excitement of new. Fall in love with doing the best you know how to do. Fall in love with the people who you connect with. Fall in love with creating. Fall in love with igniting your light to illuminate the world.”

What is one nugget of wisdom that you would share with fellow seekers who are on this journey of growth and transformation?

“ “You always have options.”

Delete all reasons why it won’t work. Be open to help, resources, abundance and everything you need for massive positive impact + income. You always have options.

You must find the light in you, so that you, in your own way can illuminate the world.

Get super clear on who you are AND what you desire for self, friends/family and the world. Stay around your sweet spots and in alignment with your intention. Every choice you make matters. If you’re not making choices that align to your intention/heart print, you will burn out. Awareness of who you are and what gifts you offer is key.”

Education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think” – Einstein

Train new neural pathways for happiness and dissolve limiting beliefs.


If you have any questions for Lyndsay or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Website & Live Training App: https://www.generationwellness.com

Private Facebook Group:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/generationwellness
Facebook + Instagram: @generationwellness

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