Episode 87: Use Discomfort To Live A Life You Love with Melanie Scott


The entirety of this episode can be summed up with one simple quote from our conversation:

“Getting uncomfortable is the key to growth, change and fulfillment”

Melanie Scott, Intuitive Business Strategist, has a mission to empower women to wake up, connect to their truth, and to reflect to them what's possible. 

Her own story of how she came to live a life she loves revolves around discomfort.  Basically, she was feeling so uncomfortable living in the box of “should” that she made a drastic move to live in Italy.  It was there that she learned to get in touch with her true self.  She became aware, conscious and learned how to feel her emotions (skills that aren’t usually taught to us, certainly not in school).  In connecting to her soul (her true essence) she was able to find her calling.

There are SO many motivating messages in this episode!  With great passion, Melanie tells us to lean into the things that make us feel uncomfortable.  She challenges us to question what the discomfort is really about – is a bear literally chasing us and we should run or are we scared of being judged so we don’t show up for what we’re meant to do. 

“In order for transformation to occur, you need to go through it”.

We also talk about other important ingredients to create a life you love like energy, alignment, and self worth.  Plug in those earbuds!  Melanie’s exhilaration for getting out there and answering your call is contagious.  Use it to get motivated and take action!

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Key Nuggets:

  • At our very core, we’re all seekers.

  • To start doing what she loved, Melanie had to get out of living a life of “shoulds” and tune into awareness and consciousness. She had to learn to feel the emotions that were coming up for her and meet up with who she really was.

  • Life is more than the box we’ve been conditioned to live in.

Ingredients to living a life you love:

  • Energy is so powerful. It is consciousness and awareness and always in motion. We have the power to harness the energy around us to create a life we love.

  • Creates a sense of alignment with your soul.

  • Your soul is your essence, pure truth. Get in touch with that part of you and align all decisions to that and that’s what we all want in our lives.

  • Once you know what alignment feels like then you know when you’re out of alignment (like when you cut out foods that are bad for your body and then it becomes apparent of how crappy it makes you feel when you ingest them again)

  • Do what scares you

  • Get out of the resistance and into flow

    • Challenge every resistance that you have and consider sincerely: what is this really about?

  • Self worth: knowing that you’re worthy and needed. Trusting that you’re being led, believing in yourself and getting back to your sense of self.

    • Self worth is a muscle to be built.  It can be helpful to have somebody who can reflect your thoughts back to you in order to build this muscle.

The Path

  • In order to experience transformation, remember that you actually need to step into it and get to the other side

  • Hero’s Journey:

    • You hear the call and you either take action toward it or not (Most people don’t either because they fear the challenges or they start and then stop because it gets too hard)

    • When you follow the call, you meet all the parts of yourself that are the shadows and evolve into what you’re meant to be

    • Through the journey you find a place called bliss

  • You have many journeys in one life

  • When it comes to “the call”, it’s any sort of outlet that let’s you experience the creative outlet and connects to your soul

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

When you answer the call and you follow it, it will never ever steer you wrong.  When you believe that life is truly working for you, you know that your heart and soul will never steer you wrong.

…and also…

“It's in the discomfort that we actually grow, evolve and have an impact. Leaning into the discomfort, even though it feels counterintuitive and something we are never taught, will change your life. In life and business if we move in the direction of the discomfort there will be massive movement and transformation and growth on the other side.”

What is one nugget of wisdom that you would share with fellow seekers who are on this journey of growth and transformation?

Carve out time to be with you.  Cut out technology and find silence, whether you meditate or take a walk, just have time to be with you.  5min-10min is enough!

Honor the downloads that come to you – have a journal ready to write it down.


If you have any questions for Melanie or want to learn more, connect with her through:

Website:  http://anintentionalbusiness.com/

Email:   melanie@anintentionalbusiness.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melaniescott1111/

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